The Case of the Meat Delivery Burglar

Remember the days when everything was a lot safer. You didn’t have to lock your doors, you could actually let your kids play in the local park without worrying they might develop a crack addiction, and when your friendly neighborhood meat delivery man came he dropped off some bacon and walked away with a smile.

Well those days are all over thanks to Craig A Hufford. Who’s Craig A Hufford? He’s a jerk that used his position as a trusted meat delivery man to take advantage of good steak loving people. As he made his delivery route through central Illinois he used that opportunity to find houses to burglarize.

That’s right the same man that brought people joy by delivering pounds of bacon, steak, and pork chops right to their door step was also robbing them blind when they weren’t home.

Luckily this thief wasn’t very good at being a thief and tried to break into a home when the homeowner was still there. The very courageous home owner picked up the phone and called the cops on a man who up until that point only brought his home joy in the form of sausage.

The police caught the meat delivery bandit a short time later driving away in his meat delivery truck. Now the police think he might be connected to more burglaries in neighboring counties and he has warrants out for his arrest in Florida and Michigan.

I’m glad this criminal got caught and justice will be served I just hope this doesn’t hurt the home meat delivery market because there really is nothing better than waking up in the morning knowing that there soon will be a knock on your door by a man holding bacon just for you.

Bacon LIVE – Hangout 001: The First Show on Google Hangouts

This was the first show of Bacon LIVE on Google Hangouts. We had a few glitches but learned a lot so next weeks show should be better. This was the frist time a lot of people heard Aaron Tuckers voice. For those that don’t know him, he is are only true fan.

This show was recorded on Jun 12, 2013. We talked about, a bacon wedding, Richmond’s first Bacon Festival, Dunkin’ bacon donut sandwich, Chris P. Bacon gets a book deal, Bacon on Wheels, and a Deep Fried Doritos Locos Taco with bacon.

Remember to watch the show live Wednesdays at 7pm ET. Visit for more details about the show.

Forget the Bottle, This Baby Wants Bacon

When parents imagine their child’s first words usually they think it’s going to be something like “mamma” or “da-dad.” The parents think this because they feel a child will want to vocally express how much they love their parents. Well this video has been popping up all over the web that shows at least one kid out there has their priorities straight.

This little kid is just bouncing up and down, like little kids do and telling the world what they truly love, bacon! Multiple times this kid calls out for crispy pork belly but the parents just keep video taping. Mom, Dad how about you put down the camera and get that kid some bacon for god’s sake.

Welcome to the Relaunch of Mr. Baconpants & Bacon LIVE

Mini Bacon PantsIt’s almost been a year since I last updated this website and it feels good to be back. I had a lot going, like starting my freelance career and getting ready for another announcement coming near the end of this post.

Even with lack of blog updates Sean and I have been still doing Bacon LIVE weekly for our fans. You can find all the shows on But dont worry about bookmarking that link, because we are now using Google Hangouts to record the show. So make sure you subscribe to my Youtube Channel to get the new shows.

How we record Bacon LIVE is not the only thing has changed. I also made some small changes to the design of the site and removed some pages that where never getting updated.

Sean and I have a lot of new content planned and are excited for the new Google Hangout Bacon LIVE.

Lastly, the biggest change to the site will not be happening till the end of July. Beth and I will be bring a Mr. Baconpants Jr. in to the world. The photo attached to this post are little bacon pants made my Sean’s wife Molly.

I will try not to turn this website in to a daddy blog, but please be ready for a few posts that may feature my new baby. Especially once he can fit in to those pants.

Bacon LIVE: Bacon Crime and the Return of the Double Down

One season 5 episode 19 (recorded on May 30, 2012) we talked about the rise in bacon crime, a fisherman that catches wild bacon, bacon taxes, the return of the KFC Double Down, the worlds biggest meat sandwich, yet another bacon burger, Bacon Salt competition, and a store about what Sean ate.

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