The Bacon Show

This weekend I typed “Bacon” in to google looking for bacon-related sites to put in my blogroll. On my search I found a site called “The Bacon Show”. I almost passed this site up because it barely looked like an active blog.

At first glance it’s not that impressive. It just has a default blogger theme that is yellow. Under the name of the site it says, “One Bacon Recipe Per Day, Everyday, Forever”. This is where the magic begins. If this was true, this was going to be a great find, so had to see if it was a lie.

After looking at a few pages of posts I found that it is not a lie. If you go to the bottom of the page, you can see in 2006 that had 364 post which means that they probably took Christmas off. So maybe that fibbed a little, but I can forgive them. So I guess if they wanted to be truthful their subhead should say, “One Bacon Recipe per Day, Everyday (except one day), Forever”.

The author of the The Bacon Show is a mystery. You would think someone this dedicated to a blog about bacon would want some kind of recognition for it. There is not even any adsense or other money making methods being used on the site. So you can tell they really are just doing it for the love of Bacon!

This is going to be a site I will check out from time to time. If I find a recipe I like and make it I will let you guys know. In closing I would like to say to the author of The Bacon Show, “Thank you, and keep posting”!

Pittsburgh’s #1 Podcast

Pittsburgh’s hottest podcast, Shinyfire Radio, has just moved its operations to Talkshoe is a podcasting service that allows you to record your show live. Its biggest benefit is the audience can chat or call in to interact with the show, while you record.

This new format is perfect for the guys at Shinyfire, who use to talk to just one caller at a time with the old setup. They now can have over 100 people interacting with the show at the same time.

They recorded their first show on talkshoe last Monday and it sounded like they had a lot of fun. It’s going to take awhile before they get everything worked out, but they are off to a good start. You can listen to the show at

Remember to tune in live Mondays @ 8:15pm EST.
Note: I have no relation to the host, Jason R. Mosley, that guy is a tool.

BBQ Bacon Tendercrisp

So I was watching TV, minding my own business when I saw a commercial for the Big BBQ Bacon Tendercrisp from Burger King. This sandwich looks amazing and it has the two meats I love the most, Chicken and Bacon. I am glad to see that the fast food market is starting to see that this is a high bacon demand. It seems that there are all coming out with new bacon themed sandwiches.


I hope I am not disappointed with this one like I was with the Baconator. Wendy’s always makes there bacon to chewy. Everyone knows that crispy bacon is better! Plus that think the two meat patties are over kill and takes away from the bacon. Burger King is doing the right thing by not making this thing a monster, like Wendy’s did. This actually looks enjoyable to eat.

Warnings About the Baconator

Here are some warnings that should be on the packaging of Wendy’s Baconator. If you think of your own warnings, email them to me and I will ad them to the list.

* People over the age to 65 should not eat the Baconator.
* Nursing or Pregnant women should not come in contact with the Baconator.
* After eating the Baconator if you have an erection lasting longer then 4 hours, contact your doctor.
* You may feel chest pains while consuming the Baconator.
* Chuck Norris had trouble finishing a Baconator.
* Keep away from an open flame.
* If your Baconator asks you about Sarah Conner, eat it before it gets away.
* Do not operate heavy machinery for 3 hours after consuming a Baconator.
* Driving and eating a Baconator, may cause serious injury.
* Do not use the Baconator as a projectile

Nine Things That Are Better With Bacon

We have all heard the phrase, “Everything is better with bacon”. So I decided that I would list the first nine things I can think of, that are truly better with bacon. WARNING: This list will make you hungry.

Salads – Just a mere salad by its self is barely satisfying, but ad just a few strips of bacon and you got yourself a meal!

Cheeseburgers – Biting in to a juicy burger and hearing the crisp sound of bacon, makes my mouth water.

Brownies – I know you heard of putting nuts in brownies, well just to the same with bacon! Here is a recipe.

Drinking Beer – Just ask the people that go to free bacon night at Harris Grill.

Grill Cheese – Slap some bacon in there and you have yourself a testy treat that will get the girls saying, “Hey Baby”!

Broccoli and Cheese – Just like the salad you can’t go wrong adding bacon to this.

Bake Potato – Take one potato, some cheese, sour cream, and a hand full of bacon crumbs, you will have a tasty lunch.

Scallops – You take a scallop and wrap it in bacon, I like to call it “Sea Pig”.

Mornings – I hate waking up, but if I can smell bacon its makes the morning easier. If someone could invent an alarm clock that cooks bacon, they would be millionaires.

The New Baconator

This is the mother of all Bacon Cheeseburgers. Just looking at the pictures makes my mouth water. Look at all that bacon. I think Wendy’s is trying to drive me crazy because there is not date to when this will be released on the flyer. I checked their website, but didn’t see anything about it. If you see this thing anywhere let me know ASAP!

The Baconnator