MrBaconpants is a blog about bacon, beer, and everything else that we find interesting. It is also the home of Bacon LIVE, the only internet show about bacon.

Who is MrBaconpants:


Jason Mosley has been a bacon lover since conception. He currently lives in Pittsburgh, PA and is a freelance designer and blogger. He started this blog in 2004 to share his love of bacon with family and friends. He tries to make his blog one of the more entertaining personal blogs on the internet. Not only does he write about all things bacon, he also writes honest reviews of beer and indie rock bands. After a few years, his once personal blog turned in to what it is today, the source of all bacon in the internet.

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Sean Brett is the amazing co-host of Bacon Live, the weekly audio/video podcast about bacon and more. He enjoys eating everything bacon and even claims to eat more bacon than Mr. Baconpants himself. Little is known about what Sean does when he is not creating sizzling content for this blog. Somethings are better left unknown.

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Beth Mosley is a lover of good food and beer. She enjoys cooking and trying new recipes (with bacon). She has been on many bacon adventures with Mr. Baconpants and has been even called Mrs. Baconpants on more than a few occasions.

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Press and Props:

“It’s going to be pretty tragic when you have your fresh ripe tomatoes and can’t have bacon for your BLT,” said Jason Mosley, author of the Mr. Bacon Pants blog and co-star of the “Bacon Live” podcast. – CNBC

Bloggers often face an uphill battle in the quest to monetize their online publications. Jason Mosley of Mr. Baconpants, a graphic designer by trade, stumbled into a niche market that presented him with an opportunity to accomplish this elusive goal. – Inc Magazine

Posts on the blog cover everything from “The Kevin Bacon Movie List” to “Bacon is an innovative Ice Cream Flavor” to a video review of the McDonald’s Angus Burger with bacon and cheese. – Pop City

Kleeger said the program is helped by the fact that “the product is great,” pointing to no less of an authority than the blogger behind MrBaconPants.com, who last month pronounced the Applewood Smoked Bacon burger “sets the new standard for what fast-food bacon should be.” – AdWeek

Jason Mosley (a.k.a: Mr. Baconpants), a man whose life ambition seems to be to do for bacon in Pittsburgh what Johnny Appleseed once did for apples in the American colonies. – Boring Pittsburgh

Jason Mosley… better known to Pittsburghers and bacon fans around the world as Mr. Baconpants, the advocate of all things bacon on his eponymous blog. – Fanfare (Trib)

He cautions bacon lovers against going for subpar bacon in these lean times. “Your BLT deserves the best bacon you can afford!” Mosley exclaimed. – CNBC

Mr. Baconpants – Obviously the bacon blog with the best title, this repository of bacon news and reviews includes a weekly video podcast on bacon and bacon-related items. – Impact Watch

It is a humor site at heart with some random rants mixed in here and there. I find the content for the most part to be extremely funny. A good read when you want to switch to something that veers from the beaten path. – Bryan Clark

I heart your blog. I didn’t know there were others who were as passionate about bacon as I am. You are awesome!! – Jann Jones

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Enjoy Bacon!