Bacon LIVE Hangout 005 : Cheesy Bacon Bombs Explained

This show was recorded on Jul 17, 2013. We talked about, beer-battered bacon, a bacon wrapped smoked turkey leg, a “Porkabello” kebab made with gouda stuffed mushrooms wrapped in bacon, “cheesy bacon bombs” made with pepper-jack cheese stuffed crescent rolls that are wrapped in bacon, deep fried then covered in garlic butter. We also covered a bacon loving hotel guest, Bacon Weave Quesadilla, and how Super Man saved bacon. We talk about a lot of other great things but you will just have to watch or listen yourself to find those gems.

Download: Hangout 005
[audio: |titles=Bacon LIVE Hangout 005]

Mr. Baconpants’ Bacon LIVE

Bacon Live is an interactive podcast about bacon, beer, and anything else we find interesting. The show is hosted by two great hosts, Jason Mosley and Sean Brett. The show is recorded live every Wednesday night at 7pm EST via Google Hangout.

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