The Case of the Meat Delivery Burglar

Remember the days when everything was a lot safer. You didn’t have to lock your doors, you could actually let your kids play in the local park without worrying they might develop a crack addiction, and when your friendly neighborhood meat delivery man came he dropped off some bacon and walked away with a smile.

Well those days are all over thanks to Craig A Hufford. Who’s Craig A Hufford? He’s a jerk that used his position as a trusted meat delivery man to take advantage of good steak loving people. As he made his delivery route through central Illinois he used that opportunity to find houses to burglarize.

That’s right the same man that brought people joy by delivering pounds of bacon, steak, and pork chops right to their door step was also robbing them blind when they weren’t home.

Luckily this thief wasn’t very good at being a thief and tried to break into a home when the homeowner was still there. The very courageous home owner picked up the phone and called the cops on a man who up until that point only brought his home joy in the form of sausage.

The police caught the meat delivery bandit a short time later driving away in his meat delivery truck. Now the police think he might be connected to more burglaries in neighboring counties and he has warrants out for his arrest in Florida and Michigan.

I’m glad this criminal got caught and justice will be served I just hope this doesn’t hurt the home meat delivery market because there really is nothing better than waking up in the morning knowing that there soon will be a knock on your door by a man holding bacon just for you.