Quad-Bacon Burger w/ Penn and Teller

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, so I really can’t get into too much detail about what I did there. Don’t worry, I was there for work, so I never got out of hand. I am really just using the slogan as an excuse, because I am lazy and don’t really feel like telling everyone all the details. So I am just going to go over the two big events of the trip.

The first big event was going to the Penn and Teller show at the Rio. The show was funny and political (Libertarian) at the same time. I am not going to give away any part of their show; you will have to see it for yourself.

Now you may think that just seeing the Penn and Teller show is enough to make any night a great night, but there is more. After the show, Penn and Teller ran into the crowd and out the back doors. The thought popped into my head, “Are they really going to be out there when I leave?” The answer was, yes!

Once I realized who the crowd was forming around, I started elbowing and pushing little kids and older fans that were smaller than me out of my way. When I finally reached the front, I handed my ticket to Teller and said, “Um… can you sign this?”

That’s when I spotted the next crowd, this one a little bigger than the first. “Penn” I thought! This time I didn’t care who you were, I was knocking you out of my way. Nothing was going to keep me from meeting literally the biggest libertarian I know. When I finally reached the front of the crowd, I stated, “I love your show Bullshit!” He smiled, grabbed my ticket and me, and said, “What camera should I look at?” Since I was lame and didn’t have my camera, Jen was nice enough to let me make a cameo in her pictures.

Me Teller JenJen Penn Me

That was a great night, and I thought that nothing was going to be able to top it! But then I found out about the “Burger Bar.” It’s a place where you can create your own burger creation with its long list of toppings. As soon as I got there I scanned the list for bacon. To my surprise, they had four kinds of bacon: regular, peppered, jalapeño, and cinnamon. I knew I had to get all four and a nice slice of provolone to top it all off. It was bacon heaven.

Me BaconBacon Burger

Well, that’s all the life-changing stuff that happened on my trip. I did eat a lot of great food, saw a lot of casinos, and gambled (lost $50). But nothing topped my quad-bacon burger and Penn and Teller. I can’t wait to go back sometime when I don’t have to work. I know there was a lot I missed.