Government Banning Plastic Bags

I was browsing and found a letter to the editor about the Government in San Francisco banning plastic bags. I don’t know for sure if this is true since I don’t live anywhere near there, but if it is, it’s sickening. Click here to read the letter.


I never like it when I hear about stuff like this. The plastic bag is a great invention and it’s not right that they take them away. Not only can you use them to take your items to your car, you can also use them to take your lunch to work. I also hear they’re good to pick up your dog’s crap off the sidewalk. Even though the people that live on my street don’t seem to know this (There is dog crap on my sidewalk!). So you see banning plastic bags is actually a disservice to the customers and society.

What will we use to pack our lunches, clean up sidewalks, use as a garbage bag in our cars, fill with newspapers to recycle, collect aluminum cans in, and use to put dirty clothes in when on a long trip?

But to get back to the point of the letter, the writer makes a very good point. “People, not plastic bags, are responsible for littering, and we already have laws against littering.” So the environmentalists are copping out. They should just try to educate people not to waste bags and to use ones that are reusable. They should use their time and money on education, not lobbying! But like most unreasonable people (liberals), they just want everything to be easy and have big daddy government step in and tell us little people to play nice.

Well I don’t want to play nice! If you live in San Francisco and want a plastic bag, let me know and I will mail you some. That way when you go to the store you can use your plastic bag with pride, knowing that you are standing up for the right to choose, paper or plastic.